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  about me
    Welcome to Lellens space. Inside one day soon you'll find details about a few of my obsessions. Eventually, you'll find information about my car - the Austin Healey Sprite in the photo, my teddy bears - an endeavour known as Cottage Bears, my dragon collection, and my Permaculture interest. Who knows what other distractions will find their way to my page.....

You might like to find out a little about where I live, and the animals that live there. Have a look at
  • Australian Wildlife

    Please be patient - this space is under construction. Isn't that a permanent state of affairs?

  •   My baby


    I have a close-knit family of ratbags! All live nearby, which is good, so I can catch up with nieces and nephews. My only children are of the furred or feathered variety, and they're spoilt rotten.


    My friends are diverse and heaps of fun! A motley crew, we can be found engaged in various endeavours, be they recreation or study. We drink too much coffee.


    If I had spare time, I'd like reading and catching up on my favourite TV shows. I don't have spare time because I'm playing with my car, working on my teddy bears, frolicking in my garden under the full moon, skiing when the opportunity arises, stage managing theatrical productions, enjoying live music, eating, drinking and being merry.