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These are some of the bears in my collection. Many of them I've made myself, from patterns at first, and then my own designs. The patterns are the work of Gerry Warlow, Patti Cavenett and Loris Hancock. Some of the bears are the work of some talented bear artists, like Kympatti Bears, Strawbeary Bears and Claire Bears. There's even a Steiff in there. In the early days, I was responsible for these....

These are the first four bears I ever made. The dark brown bear is number one. I still love him - wobbly joints, soft stuffing, poorly placed eyes and all. It's probably just as well that you can't see him all that clearly! That tiny tot at the front was nearly the death of me, and I swore off miniatures for life. Well, life didn't turn out to be that long a time after all, and I'm currently working on 4 bears under 2 inches, and loving it! But I guess my favoured height is the 6 to 8 inch mark.


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